About Kitterman Creative

It all started in the beginning of 2023 - Mick and Ceira Kitterman wanted to take their love of design and creativity to the next level


* Who We Are *

Mick Kitterman

Co-Owner/Tech Guy

Being in the aircraft industry and being techy, Mick has developed a love for machines and design. Whether that is additive manufacturing, traditional machining, or large machining, he loves being in and around it!


"I love that you can go from idea to product with the help of machines. From design to customer, I hope to meet your needs!"

Ceira Kitterman

Physical Media Specialist/All-Around Cool Human and Co-Owner

A dog-mom to three wonderful doggos, Ceira loves to create things that wow people when the product is presented. Ceira is a pretty crafty person when it comes down to it. 


"Being a teacher, I enjoy making people smile and that is where creativity takes hold."

• 2023 •

Creation of the business and first customers







An Order from a Friend

After we got our first Etsy order, we got a couple orders from our friends! This photo is what was printed for them - a smartwatch charging holder. 

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